The mystery emporium



There are places that are fun. Places that are happy. But also, some places that are mysterious. The Unknown Emporium was one of those places, no foot has been placed inside. 


Even though there are mountains made of cake on display. Even though there are shelves through the window that have really big sets. Even though there was a sweet smell of mint and nutella wafting through the door cracks. Even though you could hear the satisfying sound of rushing water. Even though the decorations glisten like the crown jewels.


No one, absolutely no one ever entered. The doorway was pitch-black and no one could see beyond. No one entered the mouth of this cave. No one, until Jonsey.


                           Chapter 1 – Into the wonder


Jonsey had always dreamt about what lay inside the vault of wonders. His friends had warned him it’s best to stay away from the emporium, but they were all younger than him. He knew they had good words but his was better. On a Wednesday evening he was walking home from school the long way, down on Mythland Street, to stretch his legs. He passed the Unknown Emporium and doubled back to check it out. Thoughts crashed down on his brain, he went against his better judgment and opened the door. Inside was a wonderful place. Jars full of shortbread biscuits and small, tasty sweets stood up on tables. Crocodile tapestries hung from the bright neon orange ceiling. A cage of albino guinea pigs was on the counter. What intrigued Jonsey was a big, golden door.

“I wouldn’t go in there if I were you,” croaked a deep voice. Jonsey spun around to look into a pair of deep blue eyes. “I should know as I am the owner of this emporium Silva.”


            Chapter 2 The spire awakens


The golden door burnt Jonsey’s eyes like the sun on ice cream. Silva shook his head and beckoned Andrew to a bookshelf full of cool looking books. His hair was ghost grey. He had emerald green robes and ink black shoes. Silva then proceeded into the basement. The door was calling out Jonsey’s name. He couldn’t resist any longer. He looked around to make sure no one was there, then pushed open the door and was pushed over.


¨Don’t just stand there, run!¨ shouted a boy. He sprinted into the room and slammed the door quickly. 

¨I´m Kondor by the way. The zero point is becoming infected by the Razons. I need help from you Jonsey. Bewildered, Jonsey nodded and opened the door. There were five people. One had a baseball cap and a gun on his back. Another was big and muscular. Two had loads of body armour, rader helmets and pistols. They all had black shirts and purple trousers like a uniform. Weirdly, they all had purple glowing eyes. The fifth had yellow trousers and a blue shirt with a purple circle painted on the front. He was wearing handcuffs  and had a chain ball around his left ankle. 

¨Please don´t do this, please,¨ begged the man in handcuffs.

¨ Too late,¨ laughed the man with the hat before loading his gun and shooting him. He screamed and fell to the floor, then got up and his eyes were purple.


¨No, another victim. The Razon’s capture people and turn them into soldiers,¨ explained Kondor. Suddenly, purple vines started crawling through the door. They ran through the door and into the Razons.

¨Oi, you. Get ´em,¨yelled the soldier with the hat. They sprinted to the base of a tall tower called the spire and the zero point was at the top. The ground started shaking and the ground gave way. Kondor and Jonsey plummeted into the darkness below.


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