The Mystical Emporium

Chapter – 2- A warning disobeyed

Marriam took a few steps closer and got closer to the man. She looked around the room glaring at the open entrance door. The weather was miserable it was chucking it down with rain. She slowly opened her mouth like she was going to say something, but after a few seconds her mouth shut again. Then she finally said something, “I still don’t know your name. What’s your name?” said Mariam, sitting down on the chair. “My name is Mr. Kelly, I want you to know my 3 rules of the Emporium. Rule number 1, you must never try to take over the emporium, rule number 2 you must never touch the book of illuminous wonders and rule number 3, you must never write in the book no matter what!” Marriam stared at the owner with an I do not care face. She then asked the owner, “May I have a tour of the emporium as this is probably the only time I will be here?” The owner nodded.      

“I need to do something important  and it will take about fifteen minutes, do you mind waiting a bit?” Questioned Mr. Kelly, entering another door and shutting it behind him. Marriam walked back and forth across the room for five minutes and then sat down again. She kept asking herself weather she should touch the book or not. She stared at the book, and then slowly picked it up and read the front cover, it read The Book Of  Illuminous Wonders. Marriam slowly turned to the first page and slowly read all the wonders one by one until she reached the next empty page. Her mind was filled with imaginative wonders and then she thought of the most magical one and wrote it down into the book. Out of nowhere a sky blue door appeared, she slowly walked towards the door and turned the door knob. Marriam slowly entered the  door and there it was the exact wonder she had wrote in the book was there. A chocolate  fountain, vanilla fountain and a white chocolate fountain. Mr. Kelly came storming in the room,  ” What did you just do and why? Why did you broke rules number 2  and 3?” Beamed the owner staring at me. “Tell me did you read the other wonders?” 

“Why no I didn’t, well maybe a few,” she claimed feeling small. She turned around and slowly started to walk towards the entrance.

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