The secret emporium


There are some magical places humans dare not to go.The hidden magic in the emporium screamed it.


Dora would look out of her derelict window of her cabin and see the glowing candles around the door. There was something about it that the bright candle was controlled by magic. The door never opened. It seemed like nobody lived there but the candles would glow at night.


 Chapter 1 

Into the mystery 

One day Dora was on a walk she went past the emporium and it was open 

She had never seen it open; she was so tempted to step foot in to see all the magic she had heard about. She went in and saw a floating book. She tried to grab it and it led her further as she chased it. “Caught you now” a old man said as he spat on the floor “what are you doing in my house this is trespassing”

“Im sorry i was just so tempted” because of the stories i have heard of about the magic in this place” 

“Well look around and then leave, don’t touch anything” said the man dribbling.

As I walked around  I saw a different book which said my history. She picked it up and looked what was it .


Chapter 2 

She froze as she opened the book. She could not believe what she was seeing. The old grumpy man was his grandad. The book just fell on the floor out of her hands. “I said don’t touch anything, do you not understand kid”.

“I just looked and saw your my dads dad your my grandad”

“I’m not i have never had kids” 

“Ok im gonna continue looking” As dora continued looking around there where more stuff saying her dad was her dad famous or was her dad the grumpy man’s son. “Just to say I do have a son I said I don’t have  a son because my wife had him. “Ok i understand is there more to this place because its massive and this shop is really small” 


“Yes upstairs but customers aren’t allowed up there but as you are the only person in the shop you can go up up there is all the magic if you touch any of it you will die to electric shock it is covered with electrical tape” As dora went upstairs it felt like she just walked through a magic door.dora tripped went flying towards the electric fence she dived under it she stopped just before hitting the the magic time machine rapped in eletric tape

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