The secret emporium.



There are some places that no one ever goes to. The emporium was like that. In the winter, it would glow in the night. In the summer, there were always laughs in the emporium. In the autumn, it was painted all the yellows, oranges and reds and in the spring it had the waterfall working for the animals. People always tried getting in but the door was always so heavy.


Chapter 1: The Entry


Jake was a young boy who lived in Dwarf Town and the emporium is in Elf Town (the south of Dwarf Town). One day, he went there with his friends Cory, Cody, James and Jack. They found the door open and peered inside they saw taxidermy animals.


Chapter 2 The book,


When they entered the emporium they split up and Jake found a book named .THE BOOK OF MARVELS. As he opened the book he felt cold air rush through him and heard a croaky voice behind him he turned to look at a man with a green robe and a grey dog by his side. the man said “i am professor Hasselhoff it looks like you’ve found my book!”said Mr Hasselhoff.


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