The secret emporium

There are some mysterious places where no person ever dared to go. The secret emporium was like that. Even though at winter the lights on the window sill would sparkle and flicker. Even though the wooden toys sitting silently on the window would attract you to come in. Even though, you could smell baked cake or the drifting fragrance of sweet popcorn . Even though, you hear the sound of the wheels on the toy train. Even though, the shelfs were lined up with treasures and sweets of all kinds. But no human ever entered the emporium. Many people said it was dangerous to enter the emporium. No one ever entered but except one girl who’s about to enter…

*Chapter 1*
Lia was a young girl about the age of 13, she lived in a small cottage near the sea. One day, Lia was coming home after school but then she saw a glimmer on the emporium’s window. She reminded herself that she was built with courage and that she should go inside. She opened the massive doors and stepped in. It was very dark and before she knew it the lights automatically turned on. She stood in awe while sweets would send their aroma to her. Lia started to munch on some candy but then her eyes got fixed on a glamourous book filled with gems on its cover. She got closer to it until she heard someone say “I see you’ve found my book of marvels’’. She saw a tall, ancient man whose eyes shone like diamonds. On his shoulder a hazel squirrel from the wild sat. It shook its head at her disapprovingly.

*Chapter 2*
Lia gasped in shock when she saw the man and got very afraid. ‘’you are welcome here but do not touch the book’’ the man hissed, Lia nodded. Before she could say anything she looked at the man’s face, it looked very crooked and he had an old cane.  ‘’I am going now let my squirrel guide you around”. Lia waved goodbye to the man and then look at the book she opened it and she saw pages full of wonders. She began drawing a field in the summer with a swing. Then she had to go for the tour she closed the book and went. She stepped into a room and it was looked like the drawing she drew in the book..

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