The Secret Emporium

The Secret Emporium 


There are some streets at night where no one goes. Maybe you think they are too dark, or sometimes you don’t go close enough to find out… 

Chapter 2  

Ciaran is looking for something to do in the dark grey world that he fell into through the black hole. He then hears sad music and sees a band playing at an empty playground. Perhaps everyone had not wanted to go today, or maybe it was not open, but Ciaran knew it was because the note said: Have fun for a mile but try not to smile. So, Ciaran went inside and went down a big death slide. After that he got candyfloss without paying because no one was there. He tried very hard not to smile, even though he was having the time of his life. The fairground was good, but it would have been better if there were lights on and happy music. The most amazing thing happened when he left the fairground, he saw an open sweetshop and no owner! In fact, nobody even noticed it was there at all. Although Ciaran felt bad about stealing, Ciaran went into the sweet shop. Just as Ciaran had expected, he could smell the sweet smells of gummies and fizzes and chocolate. Ciaran thought the fairground was nothing compared with the sweet shop. Next, he couldn’t help a big smile.  Because he had smiled, he then many feet running at him. Why is everyone running at me he thought. Then he remembered that he wasn’t allowed to smile. When he looked at all the people running at him, he felt suddenly terrified. For example, he felt he was a leaf looking a herd of elephants. Also, he couldn’t find the black hole back… 

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