The secret emporium

The Secret Emporium prologue 


Bill slowly and steadily crossed the gray road however he suddenly plummeted down to what he thought was his death. But fortunately, he survived however he hit his face on the cold water then sunk and hit his leg off the stone. The sewer rats seemed to follow him out of the water and on to the stone. Then he felt something weird up his shirt then something bit his finger ‘’ouch’’ I said. I turned my hand over and the rat was trying to bite my finger off. Meanwhile Steve was getting his feet massaged, he was a famous businessman you might have seen him in such adverts as Jeff’s closets and franks fajitas. But Bill hasn’t fared so well. 


CHAPTER 1 a leap of faith 

It was Friday and Steve was swanking to his mansion then he decided to walk down the brand-new road then as he approached the recently developed road he clicked the worn Bague button the sound started to ring in my ears, and I started to cross the road. As I was about halfway through crossing the road I tripped and fell into the sewer then his clothes began to touch the surface of the aqua water as cold as glaciers. I let myself soak up what has just happened, I was almost at the bottom of the water when I started moving. Then I slowly jounced up to the surface of the water because he could never swim because he weighs 180 pounds and the servants always said that he smells of a triple cheeseburger even though he didn’t know why. 


Then he rolled himself out of the water and onto the stone and then he decided to wander around but instead of his usual swank but instead of that he hunched seeing that he was wet instead of being in a posh suit. Then as he was walking he heard a sort of buzzing sound ‘’bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz’’ coming from the left but he decided to ignore it. Then he decided to turn back, so he swiftly swished around and slumped back. A few minutes later he was back where he started then he spotted a ladder leading to the surface of the earth. Then he tried to climb the ladder however he kept falling off but one time he made it to the top and pushed the drain cage, but it wouldn’t budge. So, he decided to explore the buzzing sound further. So, he slowly walked down the way he came, he heard the buzzing sound again but this time he went left. It was getting louder this time. Then he found a dazzling teleporter with a mixture of blue and white in a mixture of hypnotizing swirls. Then a voice boomed and echoes across the chamber ‘’do not go you have been warned’’ boomed the voice. He slowly walked towards it but h tripped over his lace and stumbled into the portal. There was a series of blue and white swirls, and I was teleported to a brown dusty room as I looked around, I saw a man holding a book.’’ Hello there” he said. I spotted a three headed green and white slimy cobra.  


Chapter 2 a warning dismissed 


“My name is Gordon” he said calmly as he was standing as still as a stone. I put her hands behind my back awkwardly. There were quite a few moments of uneasiness there I’m not going to lie. “I see you have spotted my book” he said like a robot with no expression. “Indeed I have” I answered back. “You are free to wonder around but don’t touch anything.”  

Before I could steadily jog out of the dusty room. Gordon swished his long cotton overcoat and put on his Victorian bowlers hat that probably worth over a grand. I was debating whether or whether not to touch the book; it was like you’ve almost ran a marathon, and you have a plastic bottle of water, but you know that it is poisonous but your dying of thirst. 

After many minutes of debating I decided ran out of the staircase and into the room, he was about ************ when he saw Mr. Gordon. I turned so fast that I slid on the ruby red carpet and grabbed the book, span then ran. 

 When I was sure I was safe I whipped out the pen and drew a magnificent spiral staircase leading down to one secret door however in order to make it to the special door you need to go up 100 stairs without stopping for a break or a breath. When he had finished writing and drawing this magnificent room, he had to group a staircase that he did not make. 

He touched the stone-cold mettle handle on the oak wood door I turned the handle but as soon as I touched the iron handle I started to have doubts about my plan to open the door. I decided to not overthink it so I opened the door. I saw strait away the pitch black abyss and I started my decent towards the door. 

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  1. Hi, really like your story.
    i like the part were you said ‘he thought it was his death’
    i dont think you could improve anything so well done!

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