The secret emporium chapter 1 and 2



There are some places people do not go. I think they should be left unknown because if no one ever goes in then you might disappear. Even though all the sweets are sitting in the window wanting to be eaten, even though the candy sat on the doorstep on Halloween, even though people want to go in they all just don´t. None ever goes in even if kids want some of the finest sweets in the world, even if grownups want a present for someone, they’re just to scared to go in. The story is told that a little girl and boy brother and sister went into the shop but they never came back out. Because of the story, people believe that the owner of the shop is a murderer so they never ever go in. That is until Jess…! 




                                        Chapter 1                                 

                             Through the door

Jess had always had a dream and that was to go in the secret emporium. she loved everything about it and wanted to be the owner someday she didn’t think that the girl and the boy were killed she thinks that they just died because there body’s are poorly or something like that. One day she noticed that the door of the secret emporium was wide open so she thought hard about whether to go in or not. Finally after 5 minutes she decided to go in…


Jess looked at all the dusty toys like china dolls which looked like they were a thousand years old there were also things like musty smelling sweets and scary stuffed animals but the thing that interested her the most was a folder she went over to have a look and inside was a dusty old book she opened it and looked inside it was a wonder to Jess because the book pictures kept moving into different positions and making different pictures the name of the book was the mysterious book. “I see you have found my book”a crooked old voice said. Jess jumped closed the book and turned around to see a man and a halk you must never touch that book it is dangerous if you draw in it you will disappear…


                                                      Chapter 2

                                   The warning 



“Where did you come from?” Jess said she was spooked enough for her to run away and never come back but she did not want to do that as this was her dream. “My name is Leo and you must not touch my book. It is dangerous.”then just like spooky magic he disappeared. “stuped old man it is just a book it not like it is piousness “so  she looked around two times then opened it again the next minute she found a pen in her hand she was drawing a picture of a magical woods that had fairies and goblins and lots of other mythical creatures.then the hawk which was on Leos shoulder screeched she thought it wanted her to follow him so she followed him  to a freshly painted door Jess opened the door and stepped inside it was just like the picture she had drew then she heard a thud the hawk had shut the door on her… 

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