The Snow Pegasus has been seen !!

Liam Peterson, News paper reporter

This morning Lily Miller on her way to work on the snowy hills saw somthings moving in the snow at 9:30 AM it looked like a horse but it was a snow pegasus playing in the snow.Lily was trying to get closer but it started to spit snowballs out of its mouth and it flies away she was confused because she had just seen something that she had never seen before and she said “it looked light grey with an icicle horn with a big bushy tail and glitter all over it and i it so ADORABLE” Said Lily.

When we were talking to Lily about this amazing find she said “it was my dream to see a unicorn/pegasus because when i was little they were my favorite animal” Said Lily. She was still very confused,nervous,happy well what would you feel if you found a Snow pegasus

Lily who lives in a cottage in the woods was driving to work This morning and seen a snow pegasus she took a picture of it for proof and it definitely was one and she tried to go closer but it flew away and she was so surprised that it could fly it had a icicle horn and it was light grey and it had a big bushy tail with glitter all over it and it just flew of when she got closer Lily went to tell us as soon as she she raised it had wings and started to fly.

When Liam Peterson interviewed Lily She told us that she was very happy and still amazed by what she had sore and she also was a little excited She said “it looked more like a unicorn but idc because i saw it” Said Lily.

When walking on the snow hills you have to be careful just in case you ever come across one.The police have put posters up to be careful and who won the pegasus and a picture of the pegasus. On the posters it said Warning be careful on snowy hills or in the snow because there is snow pegasus near.

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