The strange emporuim in hollywood


There was once a place where no-one ever went where the wind blew wildly and no-one ever went there because strange things always happened and when someone went in there they went missing. Until now no-one has entered but today a boy called Thomas entered the shop.

Chapter 1 – Through the door

In the early summer morning, Thomas was walking on a path when he saw an Emporium. He headed straight towards it and went through the door and saw a strange owl that was looking straight at him. “Caw caw,” cawed the owl. Then Thomas saw a strange looking storybook and he opened it and then someone said “ I see you found my magical book but I warn you to NOT TOUCH IT ok!” The owl flew up and presentrented a old man with sharp fangs and an eerie face with black sleek hair as long as a lion.




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