The Thunder Unicorn

Steven Brown, magical animals

Where ? The thunder unicorn was in Manchester after a loud thunder and lightning that struck Manchester.

What ? The thunder unicorn struck Manchester and people started showing up taking videos and pictures but they couldn’t because the thunder unicorn turned off everything with his electric powers and they couldn’t go on their phone so people from other countries might not believe them seeing a unicorn.

Who ? Jack Harper, a journalist, saw the unicorn and wrote all about it and he became famous since he was the only one who had actual evidence of this mystical unicorn.

When ? It was at 23:32 in the night when people heard lightning and a roar and after, they had to evacuate their homes and fly to different countries to get away from the thunder unicorn. Exact date was Wednesday 1971 april 5th.

Why ? The unicorn was sleeping and someone entered it’s cave so it woke up and a big thunder and lightning struck manchester. The person who entered the cave was Henry Jones and he was just an explorer who wanted to explore caves.

The journalists found out that a thunder unicorn appeared in Manchester and they had to write it down as fast as possible so they could tell people about this mystical unicorn and how it came here. All the journalists had tried to gather all the information that they could on the find on thunder unicorn. At last they were done and they found out it was near them but the thunder unicorn went and they finished the newspaper and quickly published it.

Steven Brown said “ I saw the thunder unicorn. It was dark blue, a massive blue horn and it was breathing lightning and there was dark blue lightning in its eyes flaming furiously as it was angry.
Jack Harper, a journalist said “ Everyone stay under shelter and don’t come out. We are trying our best to stop it and make it go away.”

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