The undiscovered Emporium

 The Undiscovered Emporium

There are places barely anyone visits, it’s just like the Emporium, but a great place…

Chapter one-The entrance

Once, and just once, a girl named Ophelia saw a poster fly by, and quickly caught it! She read it and what it announced had muddled up her brain to mystery. “The undiscovered Emporium has now been discovered, but we need to find its unknown location and its mystique key.”

She couldn’t believe it herself as so she thought it was actually true, although other people thought it was just a random bluff. She had a recap in her mind, her mother had told her this Emporium is a place nobody should enter, not even worlds bravest people, its undiscovered so it shall stay shut.

Ophelia didn’t want to listen to her mother’s words, so to find out the Emporium, she must keep it a secret.

She was a happy, and healthy girl who lived in a tiny cottage with her mum, although her dad was gone, completely gone.

The next day, she went for a walk and suddenly spotted a sign carving out ‘Fairy town’. She was curious about it and carried on and stayed cautious. To be honest, it wasn’t that scary, it was like taking a stroll by a peaceful town. Ahead, I suddenly saw people with wings! Reminds me of fairy’s! She bolted as fast as she could and suddenly bumps into a brick wall. She rubs her head in pain and turns but suddenly spots an open door.

She was super afraid to walk in, but she did and it was the Emporium…It was like a dream! Its like different realms in one. A beach, jungle, forest, island, and there was a shelf in each realms saying what’s for sale, but in the middle of all realms, there was a leather book laying down. Ophelia was eager to see what was inside the book.

Chapter two-The owner

Just before she opened the book a old man came from the darkness and approached her. “ My name is Richard Ambersteel, “ with a stuck throat “ I see you’ve come to my Emporium, everything on the shelves are for sale, not the book,” He advertised. ”Who are you? Ophelia asked frightenedly, “and what are you doing here?” she was as petrified as a hiding squirrel. She realized something unusual, Ophelia stared at him, his face was wrinkles with pimples, his hair was a explosion of bird feathers, his clothing was regular but dusty, and she saw a badge “OWNER” . Then she pretty much know who he is now, but Ophelia was still pretty surprised.

He looked around and then looked at her, then suddenly disappeared like a magicians rabbit. She noticed she was alone, holding my breath, but still remained in the same area. Staring at the book, Ophelia just opened it without warning. She was confused, completely confused. It was just a regular picture book with a picture pf a parrot, but no words.

The parrot turned in the book and Ophelia was screaming wild like a lions roar then shut herself. She looked back at the book then saw a sudden grey parrot flapping its wings above the book. The parrot said “this way,” and Ophelia followed it. She was lead to a closed book with pen beside it.

“Open it, pick you page, and start the art,” and she opened it. She picked the beach and drew a man walking with their dog. Tropical trees growing mangos, a pile of seashells and a giant sandcastle. “Now look.” And my drawings were reality. She was enthusiastic to draw more. She turned to the forest , drew a tiny path leading to a tiny cottage, and ran to the cottage like meeting her home again .


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