The unknown emporium chapter 1 and 2.



       There are some places better left a mystery.    Some places seem to call out to you but it has to remain a mystery you have to fight it. The Unknown Emporium is a bit like that well in fact it is a lot like that.


Even in the holidays like Easter or Christmas when most shops are closed for the day the emporium is always open. Well when I say open I actually mean the lights are always shining bright and the toys seem to always shout out trying to get your attention. But yet the metal steel gates are almost impossible to get through. Even rarely when they are open.                                                      


No one ever seemed to enter. Everyone just says it is bad news and never enters until Eva makes a choice. Maybe a good choice. Maybe a bad choice. You are about to figure it out.


                         Chapter One                                    

                Through the gate 


Eva had always been a curious little girl ever since she was little. She would be out somewhere exploring or making trouble somewhere. But the one place that always seemed to call out to her was the Unknown Emporium. Her mum had always made her promise that she would never enter even if it would be temtain. She said like all the other people it was bad news.


One day as Eva was walking down fairy lane the emporium seemed even more dashing than usual. The  steel gates were open, the lights had been hung up and the windows seemed to call out. Eva knew she shouldn’t but how could she resist her mother would never know and it was so tempting it was pulling her in. Eva walked in the emporium feeling a warm shiver run down her spine. Gold was weaved into the carpet, the chandeliers were made out of diamond and in one room there was sweets she had always gazed at through the window. They smelt so sweet. But there was only one thing that caught Eva’s eye, only one thing that she wanted. A marvellous book of wonders. She walked over and traced her hands over the big letters that read ‘ The book of wonders’. 

“ I see you have found my book of wonders” a man’s voice seemed to echo around the room but he was nowhere to be seen. “ touch what is only on sale and nothing else and by the way that is an awfully nice dress”, his boomed…


                          Chapter two

                The secret of the book


“ Where are you? Who are you? And why can’t I touch the book?” Eva said firmly.

“ Well one question at a time my dear I am everywhere and anywhere. I am the shop owner and this is my book of wonders. It has powers you can’t even imagine and if you are to touch there is a price to pay”, he said firmly but calmly and then he was gone. That old man is full of himself Eva muttered to herself. Then as she turned away to go and explore some more she found herself being dragged towards the book with a pen in her hand. Then a message appeared on a page saying ‘ write the room of your dreams’. And then it disappeared. Suddenly she found herself drawing the place of her dreams. It was a lovely rain forest with amazing creatures and a wild tree house to hide out in but it wasn’t too high because she was afraid of heights. When she was done the pen vanished and the book closed.


She turned away and went to explore.As she skipped happily down the corridor she noticed a room saying Eva’s forest. She gasped. Hoping it didn’t mean her she  peered in. oh no. What had she done? It was her room. What was going to happen? Suddenly the light started to flicker and then went out. Eva shakes, she was so scared of what she had done she kept saying in her head… 


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