The Vicious Department (Continued)

Chapter 2- A Warning Disobeyed



My name is  Lucian Gold,” he mentioned while staring at Robin until he walked from one foot to the other, uncomfortably.” This is my shop  Do you like it?” Robin didn’t know what to say so he just nodded his head.” Here is the Book of Endgame. You are free to look around my shop but do not touch the book!!!”



A moment later, Mr. Lucian Gold  had vanished with a swirl of his long, grey, overcoat, behind a curtain and Robin was alone.  He realized that he had been holding his breath. He had meant to continue looking round the shop but there was something forbidden pages. He peeked  round the curtain and could just see down a long, empty corridor  which had what appeared to be at least hundred doors. Where do they all lead, he wondered?


Turning back, he opened the book. Each page contained a different idea for some sort of wonderful world. There were drawings and notes about cities, 6 towns, villages, sky-worlds, forest houses, deserts, ocean ships, mountains and more. In each place there were wonders beyond imagining.


The next  thing Robin knew, there was a pen in his hand and he was drawing a mountain of lava  there was a place and it was filled with his dream stuff , he drew the outline of the one thing that he longed for most of all. 


”This way,” shouted the owl. Robin  closed the book and without thinking and followed. The owl flew down the corridor until it came to the one door that had been freshly painted. It stood on the floor, put its head to one side and tapped on the door with its beak. Robin knew exactly what he was supposed to do. He opened the door and entered.


He stepped, not into a room, but into mountain of lava. Sunlight filtered through the trees. She paused and listened. It was quite still, except for the sound  of the lava trying to pump out. A lava path curled away from her, towards a safe place. The strangest thing was that it all looked exactly as he had imagined; exactly as he drawn inside Luciano’s book. Without passing for a second, without looking back, without any concern, Robin ran down the path towards the place.

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