the what gift shop by Jessica priestley

Chapter two


The next day the jaiden walked back into the shop the woman was there her mouth was opening to say words but nothing came out 

“How come you remember this place” 

The woman told Jaiden to look around the shop but not to look in the list of mystic memorables jaiden agreed to this policy but in the end had to take a peek 

The black door it read the black door the very creation of the word horror no one must ever enter the black door seeing this sent one thought into Jaidens mind which of course was 

“Let’s go in the black door” 

Jiaden walked down a corridor full of different colored doors but at the very end was the black door Jaiden opened the door and stepped inside it was a small room with white wallpaper peeling of in the corner at first nothing seemed to be wrong until a crooked shadow started crawling up the wall Jaiden turned around nothing was there she turned to the wall again and screamed.

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