The Witch Tower.

“My name is Liz,” said the outline of a dark figure, as she glared into Lucy’s light blue eyes. Lucy jumped in shock, someone on my for my darkest have a ginger cat alongside her. “This is The Witch Tower, explained the woman, welcome. Do you like it?” Lucy didn’t know what to say so she just I had nodded her head. “Here is the book of wonders, said Liz, whatever you do, DO NOT TOUCH IT. Clear? Y-yes Lucy replied as the cat hissed.

A moment later, the Witch had disappeared, Lucy was now alone accept from the cat. She had meant to carry on looking around the Tower but there was something in the book that called to her. She longed to look at what was in the old crumpled pages of the mysterious book. She peaked around door to make sure the Witch was gone. What was in the forbidden pages she wondered?


Turning back, she slowly creeped her hand onto the book . She opened it. On every there was one there was one painting of a old king or queen. “This way” said a unknown voice. Lucy quickly closed the book, she didn’t know where the sound came from she looked down on the floor and the cat was standing there she sweared it just talked. She couldn’t believe it. The cat was staring up at her. “Hello my name is Luna” said the cat. “Come with me,” without really thinking she followed Luna. The cat led her to a set if curtains Luna went through the jet black curtains, Lucy followed her. Behind the curtains there was an unusual door. “ Go through it, trust me,” Luna said. As a scared face came across Lucy. She stepped in.


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