This dragon was spotted

Last weekend a vaulted creature was spotted by the scholl cleaner Mr fields (aged 36)The fields he was cleaning was at Grange park primary school Sources suggest that it was looking for food.


Mr Fields while practicing karate in his office heard an unfamiliar sound. Despite the fact,he just started karate, he went outside to see what the screaming was about. He got outside and saw Alex and Dennis running down the field he turned and saw razor sharp teeth, cote hook wings and scarlet-red scales then ran (he did not use his karate).


Alex and Dennis confessed they weren’t scared “ well i was scared “stated mr fields “ liked your karate move you ran for help” alex quoted They started to argue “ that dragon is gonna pay for my music stuff “ dennis gulped “we can’t play on the field now “ dennis said.


Unless this beast is found, Boris Johnson announced that schools will be closed for the rest of the week.

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