Three headed unicorn spotted in Costco!

By Toto Soolite, 28 May 2021

At 3:30 in the afternoon, a shopper spotted a three headed unicorn ripping up fluffiness from teddies in Costco. It is believed that this unicorn has escaped from their natural habitat, the magical forest.

Alisa Barnes (18), was going down the teddy aisle when she saw an hideous, stripy and spotty, three headed unicorn which, was not only ripping out fluffiness from out of teddies but because the toilet paper rolls were next to the teddies the unicorn kept ripping the toilet paper rolls up too.

Alisa the eye witness said “ It was the weirdest thing I have ever seen but that wasn't all, as I got closer I saw it had three tails.” Another witness had said “ Every time it saw someone it would put up its front nine paws and nine wings up to scare people.”

The FBI and the army have said to be vigilant as you carefully and quietly exit Costco. The FBI have been told from a Unicornoligist that this unicorn is a changeling so the police will be blocking some pavements to do checks in your cars and you will need some sort of ID with you to verify that you're not a changeling. The army has also said only leave your house if essential or school drop off and pick ups. So keep an eye out for this weird three headed unicorn.

If you see this weird, rar creature report it immediately. If the monster doesn't leave, Costco will have to lure it out so on that day schools will be canceled and lock yourself in your house and if you need food go to Asda, Sainsburys and get it now!!!!

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