Exclusive report written by Caron Jaller, Deadly Creatures Correspondent, Daily News.

Piglet Shacklebee was wandering around the rim of Rockingham Forest last night when he saw three mountain trolls.

Piglet, who lives in Hamfield, told us that he was trotting along when out of the darkness a stick snapped, and he suspected that it was a mountain troll. He stumbled on, curious to discover what it was. When he came to the area where he heard the noise, he peered round a bush only to see three mountain trolls. He went on to say, “I was very frightened,” and added that he was lucky to be alive.

At present, local police have advised Rockingham Forest residents to keep away from the rim of the forest, while they investigate this unprecedented problem which hopefully will be solved soon. Piglet Shacklebee exclaimed

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