Truth telling sweets

Chapter 2 – Truth telling sweets

Poppy could not stop looking at the stripy , hard , small sweets . She was there in silence stud in the middle of the room as if she moved she would fall into a pit of cold water but no. She was staring and staring at one point she looked like a statue. It looked memorizing to her but it really wasn’t . After some time , she was about to grab them , until someone came out of some old curtains …

It was a man !
“Oi you,” growled a man .
“ Me ? ” Said Poppy .
“ yes you there Is no one else here and don’t touch them sweets of mine ” Said the man rushing up to Poppy to snatch the sweets of her .
“ I’m very sorry I didn’t introduce my self I’m Mr Oswald the owner.” Said the man .
“ hello I am called Poppy ” Said Poppy .
“ It is very nice to meet you Poppy but please put them down and don’t touch them .” Said Mr Oswald softly .
“ Ok I wont .” said Poppy.
“ now place the sweets down and step away just to be sure” Said Mr Oswald
Iphone rings and door opens
“ brrrrr ahh its so cold ill be right back .” said Mr Oswald .

Poppy placed the sweets down and waited for Mr Oswald to leave. About 5 minutes later Mr Oswald left the back . Poppy looked side to side , up and down even in a mummy box. He was no where to be seen she even checked the front of the shop but then she remembered that he said he was going to answer the iphone and close the door but she still heard the iphne ringing and a breeze coming from the back. “were could he of gone?” thaught Poppy.

Without thinking Poppy ran to the sweets and ate one. Poppy felt dizzy and cluched her hand and closed her hand and closed her eyes. She felt more and more dizzy until it stopped …

Poppy opened her eyes and and right infront of her was a boarder saying “ happy 1945” Then another sign saying “welcome to the new York dessert .” It was cold , sandy ( obiously ) and very lonely.

Poppy thought it was a dream but it wasn’t . Some time later Poppy felt the ground shake and it got more and more shaky . A man on a horse appears running up to Poppy and it wasn’t stopping. It hit Poppy and the sweet spat out of Poppy’s mouth now she was stuck in a dessert. Not until the man helped Poppy up …

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