Two enormous Basilisks spotted in Sri Lanka!!!!

By Tristan thursday 28th may 2021

An enormous colourful rainbow snake escaped the supermarket despite the security, it is believed that it ate people by staring and eating them, last night the shopkeeper fled to the police who failed to stop the two snake like creatures.

The witness has reported that he will never forget “the deadly fangs and impenetrable body.”The teacher made sure that all the children didn't leave the class incase of the Basilisks.Mr Bob(the security person) saw a Basilisks tail and was going to take pictures when the Basilisks gave warning hisses.(frightened out of his life he actually started sweating.) ran for his life and tools the headmaster, who told the people who didn't know and then immediately called the police.

The police said”only come out if it is necessary and be vigilant for any strange noise, sounds or activities.

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