Unicorn found in Florida!

“Alaba Jordan, a unicorn was found in Florida beach.”

In Florida a big magical dusty unicorn was found in the sea on a beach.It was Thursday at 1:36 pm and it was found by sunbathers.Lots of parents ran away with their children leaving their stuff on the beach. They all went into their hotel. Some of the sunbathers wanted to go near it and see it.Scientists came to the beach and identified it from helicopters to see if it was harmful. When they came near it just disappeared and left dust. Scientists refer to it as unicorn magical dust.
”I saw the dusty unicorn whilst I was sunbathing in the sea. I ran with my kids and husband without picking up my stuff that I brought. I ran to my hotel and called 911 which called the scientists. By the way the number for scientists is ‘1 877 644 3044’.”

The journalist found out that the unicorn magical dust is magical. They also think that they can find the unicorn. Next time let's just hope it will come back and the journalists are ready to capture it. If they do capture it then they will see everything and do everything to make it not disappear. They are going to test more things with the magical unicorn dust. They believe that the unicorn must have been grey with a multicoloured horn. It had a rainbow colored maine. If they do capture the unicorn I do not know what they will do because I only work for eyewitness news. John Smith was one of the oldest scientists saying that he couldn't help them because he had mental health problems and was also busy doing work at home and he was also starting to forget things.

“The unicorn magical dust was actually magical,” the journalist reported.” I believe that I might use it once but only once but I have to do some more things with the dust before I can use it on magic.”
“People will have to pay $200 dollars just to see the unicorn and they will have to pay $1000 dollars just to touch it,”said Henry Corbyn.
“I was so excited to see the unicorn and touch and experiment things with it. I hope they really do give me some of the magical unicorn dust so I can show it to my kids.”said a young mother called Maryam Tayyab.
“When I was walking down the street next to the beach, I saw lots of people coming out of the beach screaming so I went to investigate,” said Charles Foreman.
“I was sunbathing and heard people screaming and shouting so I went to investigate and saw a magical, dusty, grey, unicorn with a little bit of other colours” said Amy Porter.

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