Unicorn found in Fredericksburg, Texas!

Tristy McMurphy, Wildlife conservationist and news reporter.

It happened in Fredericksburg, Texas on a blazing day, right in the Summer Solstice next to a river in one of the nearby forests. It was June 2007 at 5:00 P.M. when it was spotted. A golden brown creature with a green tail and mane, a pale blue orb on it’s back decorated to the brim with mayan symbols and constellations of the night sky. The unicorn was spotted sipping water out of the river, its orb seemingly glowing brighter with each sip.

The journalist interviewed Rusty Shackleford who reported “How did this happen? I was on a hike and I suddenly saw a golden brown creature with a green tail and mane next to the river!” He was very shocked and confused while he talked.
Then the journalist interviewed Ruby Tuffin who had reported “It was just standing there, drinking from the river” She was more scared than shocked. When the journalist arrived, there were hardly any people there apart from the ones that had seen the truly amazing creature.

The Police are now advising people to stay indoors and order groceries online instead of going to the store and then a series of robots will deliver it.
The Council says that they will set up a series of cameras across the town to monitor the activity and to arrest people who are wandering out and about. They also say to do exercise at home instead of going out. In the future, they might capture the creature and put it in a zoo so that everything will be back to normal.

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