Unicorn spotted in Perth!

By Phoebe C,Grange Park Primary, Friday 28th May 2021.

Last night, a resident in Perth (Australia) sighted a glowing creature chewing her tulips outside of her front door. People are beginning to believe that this mythical creature had escaped from the enchanted forests up in Sydney.

Kelly Gray, a key worker, (ages 41) was going out to water her plants when she spotted a creature devouring her flowers! She witnessed a shiny creature with a spirally horn and crystal blue hooves. The creature, that was described as a unicorn, was munching on the poor lady's plants and ruining her front garden. She stated “ I made sure all my kids were inside and all door were locked” One of her children, Missy Gray (aged 7) said “ The unicorn had a very pink and blue horn and rainbow hair” Her other child, Jessika Gray (aged 11) added “ I was upstairs on my computer when I heard munching outside my window, I went to take a peek and there were these majestic creatures with emerald green eyes and a marble white body just chewing are plants that took one year to grow fully.”

Police have warned all Australian citizens to be cautious when travelling and only go out when necessary. A unicornologist, Dr Wheezledog, has announced “ Please stay indoors to keep yourself and the community safe” If you have seen this mysterious animal then please report it to the police immediately.

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