UNICORNS SIGHTED (Alexander wilden)

Exclusive report written by unicornologist Carol Baskin, Busy Birmingham

Last night at Lurky Lake, five unicorns were sighted by 36 year old John Johnston. They were gulping down water when John spotted them whilst he was gathering firewood.

As he was collecting the wood, he decided to look over at the lake to see the beautiful views. It was then that he saw five magnificent unicorns drinking glistening water. He said, “I stood there in shock for around ten minutes.” John also reported that it is extremely rare to see a single unicorn let alone five!

Police have said, “All locals must be warned and need to report any sightings,” adding that unicornologist Carol Baskin “Has advised us that the only reason that there would be so may unicorns in one place is because a threat of some kind!’”

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