Exclusive report written by Jazz Franklyn, Animal Correspondent, Mercury News.

Yesterday morning, 9 year-old James Acorn told us that he saw two horses with wings playing on the park equipment at Playful Park! James was having a kickabout on the grass with a friend, when suddenly, two winged horses flew over their heads and started messing around.

James, who lives in a flat near the park, told us at Mercury News that these odd creatures had to be unicorns, and to see them in real life was amazing! He added that he had never seen such incredible creatures, and he was amazed, but also a little bit anxious. At the time of the incident, James called for the animal patrol, but by the time they got there, the creatures had vanished.

The local animal patrol have alerted us to stay aware of these beasts as they could be dangerous. Professor Jackson, who is a Unicornolegist at Birmingham University, has stated that these animals are in danger! Be sure to let Profesor Jackson know if these unicorns are sighted.

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