Exclusive report by Tom Beake, Mystical Curious Creature Correspondent, Daily Report

Rover Rie,10 years old, allegedly saw a lighting unicorn consuming electricity from a power plant.

Rover, who lives at a Wood Cottage, said that he was so lucky to see a lighting unicorn because they are quite rare. He stated that he was collecting wild berries in the forest when he was interrupted by a mythical creature. He reported that he followed it to his local power plant where he saw this beast absorbing electricity. He said, “It has a lighting bolt for a horn, dark blue wings and a mane made out of electricity.” Rover said that he was a bit nervous but also excited.

The council have warned all locals to be careful when walking in the forest and say if you hear any unusual sounds, report it to them immediately. Local unicornologist Dr Soule told us that the unicorns may be under threat from trolls and dragons.

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