Exclusive report by Cargello Chast, Mythical Creatures Correspondent, Manchester Messenger

Last night, Tom Jace, 10 years old, allegedly found a single Lightning Unicorn searching for a source of energy on Gingerhead Street.

Tom, who lives parallel to a power plant, was out with his friends when they apparently heard a static noise coming from around the corner. The group reported that when they took a look, the mischievous energy enthusiast stood there harvesting the power through its wings! Tom later told us that it was a majestic species of unicorn. When Manchester Messenger interviewed him today, he told us that he was still very excited. He added that, ‘’Unicorns are very rare, so seeing one was SHOCKING!’’

The sheriff has insisted that all locals be on their best behaviour when around these sentient shockers to keep on their good sides, Local Unicornologist, Professor Pickle, has observed that if more than five Lightning Unicorns are gathered together, there may have been a recent casualty and to not interact with them as they will be aggressive and untrusting. If an armoured or armed individual approaches one, do not interfere as the situation will sort itself out.
If a Lightning Unicorn trusts you, warn it, as death will result if a poacher gets too close (either the poacher will die of voltage or the unicorn will die if the poacher manages to steal its horn).

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