Weird & Beautiful Emporium Chapter 2

End Of Chapter 1 – She Saw It

When a deep voice came from behind her that said, “I see you have found the book.” then murmured something like “gosh I must remember to put it away.” Ami gasped, snapped the book shut, spun around and saw a man standing there in a crimson jumper with black jeans and said, “hurry along now, you might not like the secrets here” Ami obeyed and hurried out of the grand doors.


Chapter 2 – The Disobeyed Warning

When she got out the doors she did not smell or see the streets that she ran down earlier, but instead she found herself in a damp and musty room. With what looked like battered cabinets and glass was broken everywhere. In the corner on a bashed chair, she saw the man that she was with in the emporium 1 minute ago. “My name is Robert Middleton. But that barely means anything to you.” he said In addition, Ami wondered why he bothered to tell her his name if it barely means anything to her. But all she said was “yes sir. Thank you sir… Er, why are we in this damp room?” and he replied, “Well you were the one that came in here and I needed to talk to you.” “I thought that this was the front-” he butted in, “no need, people make mistakes a lot in here with all the doors. Oh, I must say, do not touch the book of weird ideas, but you have. So follow me and see what happens when you mess with it.” Ami felt a little guilty but obeyed and followed him to an inky black door it looked freshly painted too, he opened it and she saw her own handwriting at the doorway saying I love this emporium. What was this? She stepped inside and it was a room with the same words all around I love this emporium I love this emporium.  What had she done?

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  1. Wow i wouldn’t change this it is already really good i think it does not need an improvement.

  2. Hi love your writing.
    i love the part were you said crimson coat.
    Next time you could mabye use some more sentence types such as juxtaposing ideas similies and adverbs and many more.

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