wonder emporiam

chapter 2

“My name is Dr. Mcnugget” he said ,staring at bob until his face went red “This is my shop” he said “Do you like it” Bob eventually nodded. “Here is my book of wonders ” he said “but don’t touch that book I repeat do NOT touch that BOOK!

A few seconds later Dr. Mcnugget swished his cloak and strutted of to another part of the shop .”What should I do now” said bob “Hmm maybe i could just have a sneak peak in his so called book of wonders” thought bob. He pened the book and what he saw amazed him.

Inside the book was beautiful pictures unknown words and writing that he had never seen before. There was still pages “it’s like these pages never end”  he muttered to himself.

Suddenly he was scribbling madly after, a couple minutes later there was a vivid outline of what was a cave and some gold. And then magically the letters of words started appearing and Bob read the words aloud , ” Go to the door, that just appeared behind you and you will find what you seek. He looked around and there was the door…

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