Zero point chapter2

Chapter 2 

When he was through he was in a world with loads of orange trees, a huge magnificent tower with an orb on top and a book which was glowing. Just then a raptor pack appeared with some sort of Dino person leading them. He hid behind a rock like most people would if they saw a pack of raptors but the person found him and he whispered “who are you?” Then she said “greetings I am Tarrana I have came with a warning, explore this world all you want but most importantly do not touch the Book of the zero point” then she ran away with her raptors. But John ignored it and opened the book, he thought why is this book so special?. Then a tiny rift appeared and a pencil came out. Before he knew it he was drawing a amazing city with loads of cars, giant buildings and a giant billboard that said we give you flood insurance because we care in addition new fire insurance. Then a humongous rift appeared and a giant city came out (fortunately not landing on him) and finally a sign appeared on front of him saying Lazy Lake and it came out in the same way the pencil came out.  

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