How to take care of a baby dragon

How to take care of a baby dragon

Have you just been given a baby dragon? Are you wondering how you’re going to look after such a dangerous creature? Not to worry. If you are, then study these instructions and soon enough you will be able to safely tame and train your pet. And have the pleasure of watching it grow into a healthy, fully trained dragon.

What you need: A fire place, safe enclosure, shaded area, a big garden or field, plenty of water and food. Finally, lots of games.

What to do:

First, ensure that you live in a warm environment otherwise it won’t survive. Next, make a comfortable enclosure by an open fire so your dragon can sleep. Make sure to provide a shaded area as they don’t enjoy being over heated. Best away from wood so that it doesn’t burn down.

Then, make sure you entertain it and play games such as: jumping, chasing, flying and darts with fire. Dragons are like dogs and love nothing more than games and fun.

Following this, provide plenty of water because these beasts get extremely thirsty after playing so much. However, be aware that dragons do not drink regular water. Their water must be crystal clear otherwise they will not drink it. They also need lots of food like meat.

After that, take your pet for walks outside in green areas in a field or garden.

Later on, make time for your dragon otherwise it will leave you and pine away.

Finally, stroke your pet and give it lots of comfort. If you’re lucky your dragon might stay with you longer! Dragons make wonderful but dangerous pets. But eventually, your pet will outgrow any home. Consequently, you will have to release it back to the volcanos. Fortunately, if you’ve treated it well, your pet might return. Dragons are grateful to those who treat them kindly.

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  1. My child has a new beanie baby dragon and thank you for the tips for him.

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