If you find a baby dragon and you don’t know how to take care of it? Don’t worry,if you read this instructions you’ll see how the dragon grows up.


First you will need to give him food like fish,wheat or vegetables because he might have been tired going around the streets to find a place to live.


After that you can clean him up  by giving him a shower.

Then the baby dragon will need to move around so he can go somewhere where there is a lot of space such as parks and then he will be able to move around.


You will also need this things: A big garden,A pool for the dragon to play in (optional) you will need a bed for the baby dragon to sleep,you will need an electric collar because the dragons get angry at some time and they attack you.


Also you will need to give the dragon a warm place to sleep in because when they come back from playing around they fall asleep immediately.

 They will sleep for 2 days then they will wake up and will need to eat food because they haven’t eat food for 2 days and after you’ve gave him food.


You can let him go for a walk around the garden or under the house by himself and whenever he’s gonna go for a walk under the house you must close all windows, doors and room doors because they might go outside through the windows or doors.


 But you should close the room doors because the dragon can change his size whenever he wants so he could hide anywhere he wants and die because he didn’t drink water for a long time or haven’t eat anything for a while so be careful about that. 


There are some dragons that have such as invisibility and more and some of then are able to talk through telequinesis so whenever you hear a voice in your mind then you know who it is. 

Some dragons have lost their mind because they used their powers to much and after they lose their mind they can’t use their powers anymore they will get a purple thing in their back and whenever they try using the powers their back will start to hurt and if they try using them too much with the purple thing in their back they might die because of the pain. 



  1. Where I can find a real Dragon? please reply me sir.

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