How to tame a Phoenix by Elizabeth

How to tame a Phoenix.

Bored of normal pets? Ever wondered about magical creatures? Why not tame a Phoenix!? Follow these steps to find out!

Things you will need:

A large bowl of golden grapes (approximately 50); a large space in your house; a large bed; a food bowl; a drink bowl; a large bath; a few toys; kindness; trust; and patience.What to do:


  • Firstly, make a big space in your house and put a bed, **** bowl, food bowl, a few toys and a bath. Make sure they cannot get out of where their things are.
  • Next, Find a waterfall. Phoenixes make a special portal in the water to go to their magical world.     
  • After that, bring lots of golden grapes. They love eating them as they always search for them when they’re in the human world.
  • Soon, they will come to you and you’ll take them to your house. You should let them explore your home before putting them in the cage( where their things are.)
  • Then gain their trust by playing with them, talking to them and helping them when they’re hurt or they need you.  
  • Finally, make sure they’re happy and you will have a Phoenix friend. 


A final note

Phoenixes live in groups (up to 1000) in a secret world. They mostly come out on their own, you may have to wait a while. They are such magnificent creatures, you will be amazed at the sight of a Phoenix!

2 Responses to “How to tame a Phoenix by Elizabeth”

  1. Elizabeth I love how you used parenthesis and incorporated a Phoenix

  2. That was brilliant on how you write it and i loved it.

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