5 Responses to “5th July Term 2 Session 10”

  1. I like Teaching Live because it inspires me to become an author.

  2. I learned that when i write i can use my imagination and i have been logging in to join since when we were in lockdown and i feel more confident.

  3. Patsy ~ WPS My writing has improved because I have learned different learning techniques! These lessons have really helped me.

  4. I like teachingLive because it has helped me to put more vocabulary in my work, to expand more paragraphs and sentences to sound like an actual book. So thank you because you have inspired me to write more stories and maybe I can write a book when I’m older. So thank you bye.

  5. I like Teaching Live because I get to expand my sentences with more vocabulary. It has helped me to learn what types of writing I am able to do and what I can work on. It has inspired me to read more and write more. I would like to do Teaching Live again because it can help me to work on my writing to improve even more. Thank you so much for teaching me.

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