About Brawlation Bugs

The brawlation bug is a vile creature discovered in a cave in Wales a huge colony of them- one in the world.

Brawlation bugs are only found in Wales’ beaches only coming out in 20-30 degree climates. They are coming out more than ever than ever due to climate change. Only 5% of information has been released to the public. I know it’s a bit early for questions but here they are (mainly for the Welsh). Are you scared of what this creature could possibly do? Do you think zoos will try and breed them? Do you think scientists are keeping some of the anatomy about these things private?

Vicious habits


The word ‘brawation’ obviously implies that they’re violent, and you’d be right. Brawlation are savage and will attack unless distracted by a brutally bloody battle with all the vile, uncivilized tricks just to attack with them in the next battle they come to themselves.

Height relates to strength


The average brawlation’s height is 3’11 however brawlation can continue growing by exercising a lot more than a human could by getting a six pack the taller a brawlation grows the more it exercises. However, if a brawlation doesn’t exercise it will begin to shrink in its adult years-it lives up to double everything a human would imagine being a child for 40 years! If a grown brawlation refuses to exercise it would shrink down to 3ft then 2ft then 1ft then down to 0.000002ft tall.

Avoid Purple!


Brawlation bugs do have a very lethal venom but don’t worry all you need to do to avoid the poison is avoid purple. A brawlation’s poison is easy to spot because the purple is very reflective to light and are easy to identify where to not touch on its back, teeth and tail. When touching the poison there is one permanent change and one temporary change you become reptilian (your blood becomes cold your skin hardens to scales you become cold blooded etcetera) and for a while you cannot think straight (72 hours or 3 days). So remember STAY AWAY FROM BRAWLATION BUGS.

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