Buzz Beast

The Buzz Beast.

The Buzz Beast is the most extraordinary form of an insect. What is it? It has been discovered on the news and has been searched for , but nobody has ever known what it looks like. So people are going in the dark places where nobody goes, but maybe the buzz  beast  is there waiting. It’s abilities are extremely dangerous. What is the size of it? Is it bigger than a country or smaller than a coin? Is it a new creature or was it  there all along?

It has four spindly  legs, one  shiny body , a venomous sting and fatal eyes.

 Also it lives in a deep cave of Scotland, however it has the ability to become camouflaged when it comes out of its secret home so it can sting people and fade them into dust with it’s three second stare. If you dare go near, it will never get out there and you will never get somebody to help you that’s how fatal it is.

The information about it’s abilities is extremely dangerous so you would not want to be there, but if you really want to know about the abilities you will have to find out . It can become camouflage and it can sting   people with it’s stinky tail. If it gets extremely angry, It can eat things like humans, fish and other insects. The scales are shinier than the sun, but smoother than a snake. The legs as delicate as the glass. Unfortunately, it is still on the loose and  murdering people and has grown and had babies itself, so now it is even more things to worry about. 

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