by Amina

As soon as he woke up he checked his bag for food when he grabbed his bag for food nothing  was in there. He needed food to survive out there. He realized all his things were gone so he could not protect himself and he had nothing to do. Suddenly he felt like he had to do this like something is telling him to go find who took your food and to find more food. The boy came upon a bush of berries and took some so he could eat it so he ate some and placed the rest in his bag.


The boy needed some more food even though he took all the berries so he went through another path he came upon a campsite full of people and there was food he needed to sneak and take their food he went around some trees so it can be quicker to get the food and harder for them to find him. he placed all the food in the bag and left some for them to eat then left the campsite when he went to have a break he noticed that this was the food someone stole and noticed they stole his food.


He wanted to go give them a peace of mind but there were too many of them and they had  weapons on them so he would be destroyed in a second. He started tapping them and making them think it was someone else at one point one of them spotted him and they trapped him.

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