Chapter 2 Tyler-Jay @ Belmont

Chapter 2- Red Stone Mineshaft

The sun had only began to rise when Aspec woke up to see the sun glistening in his eyes when something appeared in front of him. It was a letter saying that Sarcosuchus had destroyed their home and was coming for them. There was no time to loose, Aspec woke Mono and Freddy up and set of again.

Walking for hours the night sky glistening until they stumble across a mineshaft, ‘It says on the map it is called Red Stone Mineshaft,’ said Aspec walking towards it.

When they walked in they can see that it goes deeper. They slid deeper into the mineshaft they saw people mining and then they saw a problem.

There was some sort of red stone golem which posed a danger to Aspec, Mono and Freddy. Mono found a hole big enough to stay in.

They realised they didn’t have enough food so Aspec went looking for food he saw an office which had food in but also had a red sparkling gem another stone. He stole nearly all the food and the stone he got out saw the red stone golem staring right into Aspecs soul.

Aspec tried to get back to his hiding place were Mono and Freddy but it was no use. He just waited for the pain to strike

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