Come and see the magic Emporium

Are you interested in our magic that happen in our Emporium? Are you bored at home then visit our place there is a daily visit every day and the pass for children are free and adults can come and enjoy with the kids and can you imagine the magic that is happening.



  • We offer kids a gaming zone and when  you win you get a prize
  • Even there is a restaurant like candies, and your favorite chocolate.

There is a machine that you have to pick up toys from a vending machine and when you win you get one of the toys you got.


You can never forget this life at all and there is free passes for computing games and you will get everything that you like or you want to play and there is a special offer and that is a magical door which leads to a world full of Lego toys where you can play how much you want. 

  • Anything you would like to craft
  • You have any wishes you would like to finish
  • You can imagine the magic that is happening around you.



You can even play in any type of device that id produced in our magic Emporium



  • Whichever game you play you get a prize if you only win
  • Kids can go daily and free
  • They can bring their own devices there so you can play in them


We are open on Friday 10:00 and Sunday 8:00 and we close at 5:00


You can find us in V25 on Frizzly Street, Waddington, AEH 72A


Visit our website for more information for the Emporium and our website is We are waiting for you to come.






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