come and visit the mysterious emporium.


Come and Visit the  mysterious emporium.


Are you sick and tired of the same boring stuff? Well I have got the stuff for you. Come and see the mysterious emporium with all the stuff you need in stock and only £20  off.  Frist person in has all the free stuff so keep booking because we are getting your calls!


  • You might see a tv or a iPhone for only £120.


  • Life Changing beanbags.


  •  With lots of worlds you can  just dive in.


For a day at the mysterious emporium don’t be the only one miss out on a lifetime experience. Visit now and treat your family. We can take care off your kids for you to have a good time.



“A wonderful trip!” Said miss Malfoy and pools!


  1. All kids go free!


  1. Lifetime amazement or your money back.


  1. We are open weekdays and Mondays  from 8.00am-and close at 12.00pm


Find us just of the m34 on victora road, Northfield gj6 7pg



Visit our website for more details or email our office team on flams we are waiting for all your wonderful calls!





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