Pinkwink’s mission.

His toes blistered and bleeding, Pinkwink climbed up the mountain slowly and steadily scarring her painfully. she was getting closer to the chamber where the scroll of life lays. The dorm is corrupting the world slowly. Most of the people he met were in comatose states and were motionless accept a steady breathing pastern. Feeling  a loose rock Pinkwink rotated it and a door opened.

A wide room was the only thing she saw at first but then a light lit and on a pillar there was the scroll. Pinkwink heard a rumble as she saw Sten the Dorm leader coming with an army to capture her. She ran to the scroll but there were traps all over in the chamber. The ground was cracking and pistons were pushing and arrows were whooshing around. Pinkwink got to the scroll and grabbed it  but the mountain was breaking down. The whole Dorm was there and was bound to get destroyed but no one could save the people in comas and injured. Pink wink went to an opening until part of the ground opened under her foot and she got stuck…

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