Poker dot road

Are you bored of the same old common poker monsters? Well come down Flip’s hole to find the poke-porium to find up to the rarest poker monsters like the fire lord that’s how Flip got his. There will be mainly juice drillers to dig underground. You could fly on a pokernix and zoom on a grim racer. The monsters you find here are: 

  • Grim racers 
  • Juice drillers 
  • Fire lord 
  • pokernix 
  • Dot blasters 
  • Bounce bingers 

Chicken dancers and buckfloaters. 

The best thing about this emporium everything is cheap and the fire lord is only 1,000,000 coins the price was raised on Sunday because it’s the rarest in the game. Some of the rarest poker-monsters are:  

  • Fire lord  
  • Magma brawler 
  • Undersneaker 
  • Snipe ripe 

Sand worm and God boom. 



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