Stinky Swamp by Littia @ Belmont

The sun had just started to rise in the jungle and Luke woke up with a start. He saw a big eye looking down at the trio. It was only the messenger to deliver a letter from the bears. They said they had destroyed Comfy Campus and they were coming. The bird flew away and Luke woke up Evie and Jacob and they set off back into the jungle making their way to Stinky Swamp, heading East.

As they set off the jungle was silent. It was really wet and muddy which meant it would be easier for the bears to track them.vines hung from trees like snakes. The breeze was hot and blistering. Evie knew it would be easier it would be easier for the bears to track them because it was impossible not to leave a trail behind. By midday, they had finally left the jungle. They could see Stinky swamp in the distance so they made their way there.

Finally, they were at Stinky Swamp and the smell was so rotten that they were struggling to make there way through. The place was surrounded by the smell. It was the worst thing the gang had ever smelt. Eventually, they gained the courage to walk through the smell and saw a polluted swamp with ancient, damaged trees and moss. It wasn’t very pleasing and the swamp had been bubbling in the heat. Evie stared. She could here the wind howling. She wanted to know what was going on.

After a long day, they found a tree to rest at. Outside, Jacob acted like he was fine. Inside he was nervous about the journey to safety. They all decided that they were going to stay here for the night. The gang agreed that Luke should go find something to eat for them.

Running, Luke was looking was looking for food and he sees a deer next to the swamp. Immediately, he crouches down getting ready to pounce. He stood as still as a soldier. In the blink of an eye, he pouches and manages to kill it.

But he saw something, something huge, something with red eyes, something with a low pitched growl. It was a bear. As fast as he could, he found a boulder to hide behind. The growl became louder as the stomp became closer. Luke dared even to breathe. Suddenly, he could hear the heavy breathing of the bear. Would he be safe? What would happen to Luke?

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