The bumblebee machine

The bumblebee machine is a rare type of species because it has a fly’s head and a bumblebee body. It has a spiders back, its teeth can cut through your skin  instantly. A neck that can  senses things around it like people, dogs, cats and pigeons as they would eat a bumblebee machine because it is a walking and flying insect. But however it’s very curious and it might snap at you when you go near its nest and children but it is weird because it sounds like a electric car so be careful to not bump in that thing because if you do we cant help you but there is 1000 in the world. But experts are trying to put them in a cage but the caught one yesterday and put in the lab to test it.

One Response to “The bumblebee machine”

  1. I like how you use the name the bumblebee machine.

    Well done

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