The demon spider

The demon spider

The demon spider in an murderous, merciless beast. It can be found worldwide but the largest one found so far is 60ft the biggest reported are in forest biomes on in the amazon was estimated to be 43ft long and wide people who live there call them Satan spider due to their huge body and insane speed as they reach up to 69mph. We hypothesize the demons came from space. 5 weeks ago a huge meteorite entered the atmosphere but as it did it shattered into 1000000’s of pieces dealing damage world wide but we think inside the layers there were eggs holding these things.

How it eats attacks and keeps itself safe

This creature eats errrrr let’s just say unique. It eats by impaling you with it’s legs but at the bottom of it’s leg it has a vacuumed it sucks out all of your organs. It kind of attacks it’s prey whilst eating it because it eats all of you unimportant organs so your still alive but when it has ate them all it realises a venom in your body giving you power to still move after the process wait wait you should of guessed there is more as you don’t have freedom you are  pale mindless servant so don’t think well ill still be alive cause you wont. It’s defence is when stronger as it gets stronger than obsidian but when it’s asleep it is soft.


Scientist tried to get a DNA pattern and they didn’t get any so they began saying it is truly a demon and that kind off answers their conspiracy of how it got his powers but we still haven’t discovered every feature of the demon spider. Well not yet …


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