The hidden emporium by Tyler

Are you bored of staying at home eating Doritos while watching a movie you’ve seen 30 times before well the hidden emporium now revealed! Found in a secret path on the left side of the road, there is a hidden path on the M4 leading to London. If you love fun carry on reading if not then I have nothing to say to you. This new emporium is stuffed with toys, cheesecakes, and shops then come visit the hidden emporium. Mr D Attenborough quotes “Fantastic, action packed, everything you could want!” Children go free, but adults pay 15 pounds to go for an hour £15 every hour. We also have a hotel and a buffet kids from 0-15 go free on the hotel as well although parents have to pay £25 per person over 15. If you are interested then call 0800987678 book your tickets today and visit this one of a kind emporium

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