The Midnight spider!

The midnight spider

The midnight spider is a devilish, spine-chilling insect which is causing many people world-wide to stay inside. Recently these creepy insects have been seen in very cold and wet place like the UK. These were first discovered when a whole school was sent home because of pain caused from these poisonous spiders. As further noticed there are around about 20,000 of these insects but they are reproducing this minute! Do you live in fear of these deadly creatures?

Poisonous pinchers!

The midnight spider has very lethal weapons on the front of its body. These venomous, painful weapons are called pinchers. On some tests we have found out that this insect can kill mainly anything that stands in its path in under 5 seconds! The downside of these pinchers is that the spider can’t carry that much venom (because of its size) which means they can only use them once a day before it refills so if there a lot of animals trying to kill it at once it will die.

Don’t sneak up on it!

This creature also has 5 additional eyes on the back of its body so nothing can sneak upon it. These guarding eyes only work at night so that’s why it has night vision. They can also sometimes work if they are injured or in danger.

Super skin!

This terrifying insect has very armoured, impenetrable skin to protect its very vulnerable bones and organs. If they didn’t have so defensive skin they would all be extinct by now because every day these insects are either being injured or killed from regular people. Sadly people don’t know that they only bite you I they feel harm. Because of its hard skin it can jump from a really big height and be perfectly fine. That’s why a lot of people see them swinging and jumping of buildings (just like spider-man!).

Cutting Claws!

This creature also has claws on its feet so it can climb easier and rip meat apart. Luckily these claws are not poisonous but are really annoying and itchy! Also if you have an allergic reaction to these claws then go to the doctors immediately because luckily scientist have made a cure for these claws but unfortunately they are still working on making a medicine for the poison.

Blending in

This insect also has very pitch black skin to blend in with the dark so that’s why you’ll mostly see them at night time and if I were you I would never go out at midnight because that’s when all of them go hunting.



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