The Mysterious Emporium

Come to the Mysterious Emporium

Are you bored of your brother and sister? Do want to have some fun? Hop on down to this once in a life time trip. Just order your tickets, only £2, and have an exciting time.

We are open 3:45pm till 6:00am only on weekdays. We have a 5 star hotel in one of our rooms. It’s called the Peaceful Palace. Your stay will be treated as you wish and servants will be at your service.

The fabulous food will follow you, when your tummy rumbles. Also, some Wonders will be out of order for the time being.

You will find it in Stone, England.

Don’t miss out on the Mysterious Emporiums tickets, there are only five of them left, so visit Ring 0065 4377 6435.

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