Visit The Legendary Emporium By Jake y4

Are you interested in ancient artifacts? Do you have annoying siblings who you can’t get away from? If so, come visit the Legendary Emporium to blow your mind. Surprisingly, everything has no cost whatsoever!!! So bring a packed lunch and step in to your dreams.


Incredible Inviting Information and fun awaits! Yes, we offer:


1.) Ancient artifacts dating back to the Iron Age


2.) Mythical creatures renowned for their mysterious legend.


You will never forget the journeys made from the roots of the room of life.


“This was AWESOME!!!!” said Mr Roald Dahl himself.


1.) Prizes for everyone!!

2.) Everything’s free!!!

3.) Lifetime guarantee of happiness.


We are open every weekend from 9.30am to 10.30pm.

Find us just of the A98342 on Hello Lane Blobbington, IK12 3HV or visit our website www.LegendaryEmporium/bookaplace/ 

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